Driving Business & Social Good


A Speaker Panel on Social Impact Businesses


Please Join Us March 6th from 6-8 PM at:

ServiceRocket HQ

77441 Middlefield Rd #200

Palo Alto, CA 94306

How can we use social enterprise to improve our communities and the world?

In a world dominated by corporate interests, we find ourselves in the middle of a rising tide of support for reinvesting spending into local and ethical business models. People not only want to know how their products are made, but the who, what, and where of them as well. Consumers are increasingly discerning about where and how to spend there money. Putting the mission of the organization on equal footing with the profit margin signals to all stakeholders that leadership is fully committed. In our upcoming speaker panel series, we seek to understand how companies are operating in the ever evolving landscape of social enterprise.

What are some current examples of businesses doing more than just business as usual?

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our for-profit partners showing the world that Capitalism doesn’t belong in your list of dirty words. Operating with the wants and needs of all stakeholders, customers, and suppliers can only lead to longer term trust and growth in these businesses.


Helping people do more with software. Providing a platform for organizations to implement and train teams. Member of Conscious Capitalism. Holding their organization accountable for meeting the four principles: Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture.

Impossible Foods

Launched in 2016, the Impossible Burger has provided the first realistic substitute for ground beef. The company’s larger mission is to eliminate industrial animal agriculture by substituting nutritious, plant-based alternatives to traditional animal proteins.


The goal of REAL Certified® is to affect change in the food and foodservice industries by providing market-based incentives to increase the profitability of more healthful and sustainable food and beverage. 


As a consumer, you have the power to change how food companies treat farm animals. The ASPCA encourages this global reaching decision by promoting animal welfare standards through its “Shop With Your Heart” program.


Building Community, One Lunch at a Time


Building Community, One Lunch at a Time

by Trevor Fleshman

Opportunity, Exposure, Access

At The Town Kitchen, we exist to grow and inspire our community. Corporate catering is simply the vehicle through which we achieve our goals. Providing healthy meals to our clients not only provides a platform for hiring and training individuals in our kitchen, but also to incorporate other food entrepreneurs’ products in our offerings. Similar to our internal hiring practices, we focus on a particular underrepresented group - women & minority business owners. Being in the Bay Area, we have an extensive list of innovative and exciting partners to work with. We hope to highlight some of these folks in upcoming blog posts, but for now, let’s cover what impact they have on us at The Town Kitchen and the broader community.

Brand Pillars

As an organization we focus on three core principles - provide quality, empower individuals, and strengthen communities. Supporting our network of partnerships actually hits on every single principle. The partners we choose to work with are all deeply committed to the craft and quality of their products. Additionally, the majority of them are focused on improving our community either through providing meaningful training and experience to their staff or providing employment to underserved populations.

A Better, Stronger Organization

Many companies talk about finding synergies within their organization; in true TTK fashion, we’re finding them in our community. Providing an exciting array of ever changing food offerings for our clients, can only be accomplished with a variety of culinary inputs. By finding best in class partnerships, we not only increase the overall enjoyment of our service for our customers, but we also allow ourselves to focus more keenly on training and mentorship.

Thank You to Our Current Partners

I can’t go on writing without taking an opportunity to call out a few of our awesome partners. Please click their links below to learn more.

Natty Cakes, Plate Craft Catering, Sweetdragon Baking Company, Mariposa, Red Bay Coffee, Numi Tea, Firebrand Artisan Breads, Starter Bakery.

These folks have been with us through thick and thin and we hope to continue growing our business and our partnership.

Future Partnerships

We are continuing our outreach and finding tons of support for our mission in the local food community. We hope to continue to provide a forum for new entrepreneurs to showcase their products. In 2019, we’re hoping to take our partnerships to the next level by bringing some new and old partners into our kitchen. In this way, we can achieve our mission to provide our youth staff with new experiences in addition to supporting the local food ecosystem.

Thank you again to all of our partners, past, present, and future!

The Town Kitchen’s New Year’s Resolutions


A new year means a “new you” for many people. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we are unable to take on popular resolutions like hitting the gym, going on diet, or taking up a “dry January.” Thankfully, we have many opportunities to make our world a better place in the New Year. Here are a few that we’d like to share with our community:

  1. Grow Our Community

    We want to inspire change at the local level as well in our broader regional community. With a new Community Cabin project going in around the corner from our kitchen, our team resolves to continue to provide support through providing human connection, food, and jobs for those in our neighborhood. In 2019, we hope to expand our impact to other areas affected by inequality in the Bay Area. Specifically we are actively seeking partnerships in the South Bay and hope to bring job opportunities to folks in communities like East Palo Alto.

  2. Support Other Mission Driven Organizations

    Our partners choose us because they know we are committed to creating impact in our community. It’s literally written into the bylaws of our company. Just as we look to our partners to fuel our impact, like-minded organizations in the food space look to companies like ours to partner with them. Our commitment to partner with minority and women owned business will take a leading role in our menu creation and publishing process. Mission matters to us and to our partners and we will continue to make this a priority when choosing how and where we source our ingredients. The tenets of Conscious Capitalism will continue to guide our decisions.

  3. Elevate Our Customer Experience

    To continue to grow our organization and our impact, we’ll need to continue to adapt and respond to our customer’s needs. In 2019, we aim to not only expand our service, but also objectively increase to the quality. This starts with our web experience and ends with a memorable onsite experience. Demonic focus on prompt delivery, careful and unique table setups, as well as piping hot food will all be areas in which The Town Kitchen will be investing major organizational resources.

We look forward to continuing to provide unique and impactful experiences for our partners in 2019. Please help us achieve these resolutions by considering us for your next catered event or subscription meal service.

Oakland Cook Out for Neighboors in Need

By Brian Zamora

It's no secret that the community of Oakland has been struggling with homelessness, along with the struggle of not having a home, a lot of these individuals go days without eating or finding healthy food. This time a year ago I teamed up with local homeless shelters to donate hot and healthy food, we were able to feed 150 people in need. This year our goal is to feed 300 people.  The funds will be used for purchasing groceries (vegetables, proteins, etc.) to cater food for the less fortunate in Oakland neighborhoods. We hope to reach our goal of $2,500 by December 14th which is when we will be giving the food out all day to people in need.  If we raise more than the desired $2,500, the money will be used to purchase other essential goods (socks, coats, cover). We will also be accepting other donations aside from money. If you are interested in donating other goods, feel free to contact me directly. With your help we will impact the lives of many in need and share a warm plate during the holidays. This is only a small gesture to show people in need they are not alone and never forgotten, and a small gesture that goes a long way.  The holidays are a time for giving thanks and appreciating what we have, lets show our love for the community of Oakland by giving a little bit back. A little goes a long way. Thank you for the love and support.

The Spirit of Giving


The Town Kitchen gives thanks to our customers, partners, and our inspiring staff

by Jefferson Sevilla

The holidays are upon us, and once again The Town Kitchen is in the spirit of giving thanks to all of our customers, partners, and colleagues who help support our mission and allow us to serve food with purpose.

When we started our organization, the plan was to provide high quality food service with a mission. That mission is to bring youth community members on to our team and give them opportunities to make the best for themselves. By employing foster and under-served youth from our local community (Oakland and surrounding SF Bay Area), we provide apprenticeship to build lifelong skills in culinary & food service, business operations, and planning & logistics. We wanted to give our team members a fresh start in a nurturing environment and to make a positive impact for the long term: food with purpose.

We love the holidays because the spirit of giving is front and center. It underscores what we are building as an organization: a business whose main purpose is to give back, provide meaningful opportunity at the local level, and change people's lives for the better. We are grateful for many things, including the opportunity to work with such amazing and inspiring people who remind us why we do what we do.

In the spirit of giving, we are reminded of why we started The Town Kitchen in the first place. With the help of our clients and partners, we are excited to dedicate ourselves even more to growing our team, providing even more opportunity for the Bay Area, and serving people delicious food to nourish the body and soul.

Please consider us for your next catered event or subscription meal service to help strengthen our mission and maximize our positive impact!