Client Profile: Angela Hwang, co-founder of

Supporting Mission Driven Organizations

Abdalla Emam and Angela Hwang founded in order to build a community that supports local lending of underused objects. Having just launched in January of 2019, she and her business partners are very focused on supporting mission driven organizations like The Town Kitchen

Read on to learn a little bit more about Angela and her experience with and The Town Kitchen.

Q: Tell us a little bit about

A: is a marketplace for people who have extra items or tools that they don’t use frequently. Laptops, tools, bikes, really anything that could be sitting in your garage or on your shelf unused. Our users can list items for rent by the day or the hour or list underused items they own to rent. It’s a way for people with extra things to earn a little extra money, and for those who want those things to gain access to them at a reasonable rate.

Q: What are your plans as a company for 2019?

A: We just launched our mobile app in January, so the goal for 2019 is to grow our community!

Q: What is your favorite part of working with The Town Kitchen?

A: I thought the service was really fantastic. From the moment that we engaged The Town Kitchen every step of the way was very professional. Even choosing the food that were going to have; the options were really fantastic. Just the whole process was really seamless and easy. The delivery was right on time and the set up was really good. To be honest my business partners as well I are really particular about the presentation and the layout of things, and you really delivered on that. I’m a firm believe that the food has to be good but so does the presentation and you delivered on both fronts. We had really great feedback and i’m not even exaggerating, a lot of people were asking us “so where did you get the food?” We ended up giving them our own little elevator pitch about you!

Q: Do you have any other initiatives as a company to support the community?

A: I think that we aspire to be a mission driven organization at We’re very new, with the app just recently launching, so there are a lot of longer term goals, but one of the long term goals is to help people reduce consumption but at the same time, help people unload their underused things. Providing access to tools and items for people that wouldn’t have to means to purchase them without is the core mission. Once we get more and more users and build a stronger community, we believe this mission can be fulfilled. The question we continue to ask ourselves is: “How can we help our users and our community?”