5 Impactful Ideas from the Thought Leadership Panel

Thank you!

We had an amazing evening in Palo Alto working with some thoughtful and innovative partners. Our team of panelists (see below), had a lot to offer to our guests on how they can take their businesses and personal lives and retarget their actions for social good. Here are some of they key takeaways from the night.

  1. Be a Doer

    The power of the individual is often drastically underestimated. Our panelists discussed the ability of an individual to raise the sourcing practices of their local grocers or the nutritional standards of a restaurant change. Planting the seeds with service providers is the first step to them making a change.

  2. Change Comes Bit by Bit

    Panelists almost all spoke in terms of goals for the decade rather than goals for the quarter. It’s important to remember broad social change happens slowly. With that being said, every decision we make as individuals and organizations shapes, positively or negatively, the future of our planet.

  3. Spread the Word

    The panelists may be evangelists for their respective missions, but they aren’t asking that of the everyday consumer. Simply asking the right questions of the companies your choose to purchase from can do enough to shift their mindsets. Where do you source your meat from? Have you considered choosing to partner with local organizations for your beverages? Do you have any programs within your organization supporting a local non-profit?

  4. Deepen Your Partnerships

    Working closely with the partners you value not only supports their bottom line, but also reinforces the value of mission-driven organizations to your employees and your customers. It’s not just consumers who can vote with their dollars.

  5. Think Local, Act Global

    Make changes in your individual or organizational behavior to act in ways that take the both the local and global community into account. Most of us can distinguish the “right” choice from the “easy” choice; the panelists all urge us to take a stand for what’s right.