Get to know Noelle, our Lead Order Specialist! She’s been working with The Town Kitchen for the past six months. She’s an aspiring esthetician who enjoys spending time with her friends and adventuring in the outdoors.

How you hear about The Town Kitchen? What led you here?

I was first interested in TTK when I heard about the mission of the company and what it represents. I thought it was unique and inspiring and I wanted to be a part of it. 

What were your expectations with working with The Town Kitchen?

My expectations was that this would be an easy, simple job that I could do while looking for work in the beauty industry. My reality is that this job has been so much more to me than "something to get by" and I find myself entirely invested in this company that I've grown to adore!

How has your life changed with this new career path?

My life has changed drastically. I thought this would just be a job to pay the bills while I searched for my next esthetic position. I went to school for beauty and hold a masters esthetics license. At first, I felt guilty for "cheating" on my career and for not pursuing beauty and instead taking up something that was to me, random. I realized that my happiness is not determined by what I think I'm supposed to be doing. Instead, my happiness is right here right now in the present. If working at TTK makes me happy then that’s beautiful, and I felt I should hold on to it. 

What are your personal and career goals and how will you get there? How is The Town Kitchen preparing you?

When I finally felt like I found my groove at TTK, I set out for two goals, both of which I achieved within 6 months. I was no longer just a woman, a minority, naive or too young to achieve what I felt possible. All these things I've been told I was or treated as such at previous jobs. At TTK I feel wanted, validated, and respected. At 23 years old and being 4'10", it's hard to assert yourself in this world. TTK makes me forget that some might say I'm too young, too small or whatever. I received my first promotion ever at TTK from being a member of the operations team to now, operations team lead. I hope to continue to implement my ideas, learn new techniques, and grow with this company as they've given me the freedom to do. I'm learning new skills I would have never had the chance to dive into before, and for that I'm grateful. I work with extraordinary individuals who see past the social norm. What more could I ask for? I won't go into detail about my 10 page list of personal and career goals, but know that they ebb and flow with the wave of the company. I am able to set, achieve, and reset goals as each month brings new challenges and adventures.