Invest in The Town Kitchen

We’ve Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign on Republic!

What is Republic?

Republic is a new platform that allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate in fundraising for startups. Unlike some of the more familiar crowd funding platforms, Republic actually allows users to become part owners in the companies they contribute to. You can learn more about Republic on their how it works page!

Why are we running this campaign?

As anyone who’s familiar with our company and mission knows, we are committed to our community. We want to do as much as possible to continue growing our impact with as much support from our community as possible. Although the primary mission of the company will always remain intact via our PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) status, other financing tools have the potential to affect the short term direction of the company.

How can I help?

You can become an investor! The minimum investment amount is only $100 dollars. For higher levels of investment we have a few special perks, but please invest whatever you’re able. If you’re unable at this time to invest, please share our campaign on your social media channels. If you’re interested in sending an email out to your network, we have some great templates that you can use and tweak to your liking. Please reach out to if you would like those details.

What is the goal?

We hope to use the funds raised in this campaign to expand our impact throughout the Bay Area. There are many other communities in the region that are in need of youth focused programs and career development resources.

We look forward to interacting with our potential investors on the campaign page. Please feel free to register and ask questions of our leadership team on the discussion board.