Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver?  What is the cost?

We deliver to companies across the Bay Area.  For specific zip codes/cities currently available for online checkout and prices, go here.  If your address is outside our current database, contact us via phone at (510) 296-3198 or online at

What do you deliver?  Where can I find menus for my date?

The Town Kitchen delivers superb breakfast, lunch, and happy hour to amazing companies across the Bay Area.  Please confirm available options for your event by going to to the order section of our site and selecting corresponding menu for your event.

When do you deliver?

We have three service windows, Breakfast (7AM - 9:30AM) Lunch (11AM - 12:30PM) and Happy Hour (3:30PM - 5:00PM). All service windows have a 30 minute delivery window during our delivery specialists will arrive onsite to setup.

Why is there a delivery fee?

With the on-going cost of vehicle wear and tear, cost of gas, toll and traffic conditions throughout the Bay Area, there is a fee to offset those costs. Delivery fees range based on distance/time. Please contact our Operations Department for further assistance on deliveries.

Can dietary restrictions and allergies be accommodated?

Absolutely!  For one, we diversify our menus to accommodate vegan and vegetarian preferences.  Also, anyone with allergies or sensitivities to dairy, egg, fish, gluten, nightshade, nuts, or soy should look at allergens included on all menus, online and PDF.   If no menu items align with your dietary requirements, please notify us at

When do I have to place my order?

All orders must be submitted by noon two business days prior to delivery date.

What if my requirements are under your minimums?

If your requirements are under these thresholds, send a detailed email request to for internal review.  

Who is delivering my food?

One of our amazing order specialists.  You will receive notification via text/email with your assigned Order Specialist's name.  Please call our Operations Manager with questions regarding an existing order at 510-390-5880.

How do I know my food is on the way?

You will receive 3 delivery messages via email and text if the associated account contact is a cell phone #.   

Message 1:  Hey! Your TTK Order Specialist is on their way with your lunch. To view Order Specialist’s location, log into your account, go to the Orders tab and click the track button.

Message 2:  Hi! Your TTK Order Specialist has arrived onto the property and you should be receiving your order from them any minute now. Enjoy lunch!

 Message 3:  Hi! Your order was successfully delivered today. Thank you for supporting our mission to employ and empower urban youth!

 Note that we send delivery messages to the email and cell phone linked to the account used to order.  Please update contact information as needed

How do I staff a server or bartender for my event?  What is the cost?

Please send request via phone at (510) 296-3198 or email to  Youth servers and bartenders are $35 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Youth cannot serve alcohol. All bartenders are over 21. Any client purchasing alcohol is responsible for verifying all guests consuming alcohol are at least 21 years old.

Can The Town Kitchen provide marketing materials for my guests?

We really appreciate your efforts to spread our mission!  Please include The Town Kitchen material requests in your order notes upon checkout online, alert us via email at, or call at (510) 761-8690 

Does The Town Kitchen provide utensils, serving utensils, and napkins?

Yes, we provide eco-friendly utensils and napkins for cold lunches.  For hot lunch, we provide eco-friendly utensils and plates, as well as recyclable napkins and plastic serving utensils. 

Will there be signage to explicitly differentiate the food choices?

Yes, we provide signage for all breakfasts and hot lunch buffets.  Lunch box signage available upon request.  

What do I do if I have leftover food?

You can arrange a leftovers pick-up with Re-Plate or Copia, two amazing local companies that will redistribute your leftover food to individuals in need of a nutritious meal. 

Will the coffee stay hot?  How long?

The coffee will stay hot for 4+ hours in a coffee cambro. For small orders (less than 50) we generally provide coffee in smaller to-go containers that keeps coffee hot for 2 hours.

 What does all-day beverage service entail?

Since drinks are served in addition to food, we deliver ‘all-day’ beverages with each meal purchased.  Drink service is not on-call like a restaurant.  

For example:  If all-day coffee & tea ordered with breakfast and lunch for 50 people, we deliver Coffee for 50 and Tea for 30 at breakfast and again at lunch.  1-1 Coffee/Tea ratios are not assumed because a vast majority of guests do not drink both in same meal. Ratio can be adjusted upon request.  

Some of my food arrived damaged and I do not want it.  How will you resolve?

We apologize for the inconvenience!  You will never be charged for anything you deem unacceptable and we will compensate you for your troubles because we deeply value impeccable quality.  Whenever possible, we will recreate the damaged item(s) and delivery free of charge.  

How do I pay for my order?

Credit card information is entered upon checkout when ordering online.  If no credit card is available, alert and we will resolve with you.

How can I see my order history?

Please log on to This is our third party menu manager and order processor, hence the different URL.

Beyond the About section on your site, how do I learn more about The Town Kitchen?

Thank you for your interest!  We are creating more robust company information resources, but please email your detailed request to to learn more about us.  Also, you can find us on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn